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Brand Web Pages

Here are the main web pages for the brands we distribute in New Zealand, where available from the manufacturer. 

Aquarian Drumheads

Augustine Strings

Belcat Electronics

CNB Cases N Bags

Dr. Parts Guitar Parts

Jim Dunlop

Graph Tech

Gypsy Rose

Lag Guitars

Los Cabos Drum Sticks

Mahalo Ukuleles


Seiko Tuners and Metronomes

Shadow Pickups

Tycoon Percussion




General Useful Information

Aquarian Drumhead Comparison Guide - Compare Aquarian Drumheads to similar Remo and Evans Drumheads and get a feel for each type of Aquarian head.


Brand YouTube Links


Jim Dunlop -

Aquarian Drumheads -

Los Cabos Drumsticks -

Tycoon Percussion -

Lag Guitars - TBA